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SR20DET,4G63T and 3SGTE has the world biggest potential platform to create extra horsepower for 2000cc motor.Upgrading them is quite simple and basically straight foward but you can be denied to get your hp goal if not tuned properly or by fixing wrong stuff. Now, how to minimize mistake on acheving your goal when making power for your motor. I see so many car enthusiast out there has taken wrong approach on making extra horses and I also was included!Damn it!! I was,OK. Well nothing wrong with that as we are born to learn and picking up the best as we can, but it can be simplified and forget the stupidness and go straight to the point. Build the power in style.

1.Lack of knowledge
2.Follow someone that has failed many times and not proven to be good
3.Influenced by a big company that can spend hell of big ammount of money on advertisment.

1.Use performance device that you can handle easier,e.g. how easy tuning by only using a knob compare to a digital things that makes you sick but still can't get it right. Yes, you can drive and turn the knob for fine tuning. Believe me ,it can be done in a minute or even in a second.
2.Easy setup and no time wasted.
3.Power making is confirm and no money wasted on silly things.
4.Reliable and ready service after sales.

On this page I want to share my finding about modification done on SR20DET RWD which is found on 1990-2005 Nissan Silvia.Well, it can be a s13,s14 or s15,basically all the same motor,even though slightly upgrade work done by Nissan from s13 to current model s15
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What I have got from my customer car is stock S15 SR20DET which has 6 speed gearbox with hp rated about 250hp. I did minimum work as the customer want to make use of original parts on his SR20DET means, no high cam,big turbo and most important is to retain it's driving feel by using stock ECU and factory wiring.
1. Enlarge air suction. This is done by relocating your MAF(also called Air Flow Sensor) to intercooler piping and create good breathing for your engine.I don't hide a secret on this,imagine 25-45% increase power if done succesfully.The new location of your MAF makes your system crazy because usually it did not sit on that IC piping. The velocity of air is now higher and give higher value of voltage reading to the ECU,thus gives more petrol injected.We call it black smoke! right?Why must do this crazy things?Ok,as you can see on the MAF,the hole where air going through is real small and this will restrict your car breathing.Now give your car chance for better nose,leave it open or more safely,use any good aftermarket air filter.

2. Tune your new location of MAF by using PS Powersports Fuel Enhancer II.If you are asking me what is so special of this device?Yes PS Fuel Enhancer II is a device that can tune your system using simple 5 analog buttons and installed along your stock wiring and ECU.It does not disturb the originality of your system but gives maximum performance in term of power and fuel economy.
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The PS. Air-Fuel Enhancer - II [AFE-II] is designed to enhance the air-fuel mixture ratio to the highly modified EFI system engines. It alters the air-fuel ratio by conditioning the air mass signals to the sophisticated fuel computer unit. It is a device, which is ideal for re-mapping of the engine fuel feed controls, especially when the ECU is not designed to handle a level higher than the original mixture requirement. It features a 50% -/+ mixture adjustment of the accelerator position – ACCEL I / II, which will be either at idle or at wide open throttle operating conditions; and an additional 25% -/+ LOW, MID & HIGH rev’ range adjustment for desired performance while the car is being driven.
This AFE-II device is useful for re-calibrating fuel curve in the even of the use of a different air-flow sensor, larger fuel injectors, ported head, cam modification and an increase of boost pressure or compression to existing engine at higher level of fuel metering.

3. I installed a PS Fuel Peak Analyzer(OPTIONAL) for the driver to see it's air fuel ratio. Although it is look simple but it really help you a lot as it can display a warning when your car going lean condition. Lean condition is a situation that less fuel on combustion chamber which can lead detonation and engine blown. PS has done good stuff for you by creating a high quality and accurate device but easy for end user to view and operate it. Great isn't? A week later we managed to install few other device from PS-Powersport.They are
a.PS Fuel Stabilizer
b.PS Electronic boost controller.
c. PS Rev alert.

The rest of the modification on this car was done by the owner such as, 3 inches piping,front mount intercooler,aftermarket suspension,Nismo short shifter,Defi meters set and PS Blow Off Valve.

Sorry for poor quality of audio.

Here is the result which makes him the most happiest S15 owner now!! he! he!

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A good achievement done here for car no WHK **,as you can see on engine flywheel output is 333.2hp@7167rpm, while torque is 337Nm@6457rpm. Boost at 0.9bar.
Another stock s15(BJB****) with aftermarket airfilter and 3 inches piping installed data are included on the dyno sheet as comparison.It has 232hp and 312Nm on engine flywheel. Boost at 1.0 bar


Again another SR20DET from s15 but this time more bolt on performance part. This one is different car from the earlier mentioned S15,more aggresive owner that has kept his 400hp++ goal in his mind very long time. So we quoted him a set of Tomei 256/264 cams,adjustable cam pulley, a HKS GT2540,SS exhaust manifold and Tomei valve spring. To be continued..........

Latest Update:

As promised, here is another friend of mine in a 2nd stage but has difficulty on Haltech fine tuning. It's a S13 SR20DET with both int and exh HKS264 with T3/TO4R. He needs time for a good looking dyno though it is very close to 500hp.

I still want to show you guys how is a 2nd stage SR20DET with PS Powersports bolt on performance, unfortunately, the time hasn't come yet. Will work it for you guys.

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