Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PS Fuel Enhancer Test on Ah Boy's Corona

This car is a TT132 ,1980 Corona 1.8cc with rear wheel drive.By having this RWD configuration,my friend Ah Boy has the chance to put in straight 6 cylinder into the engine bay,he choosed a manual version of 1JZ-GTE from Toyota Mark11 .For the power delivery,he has fitted a Nissan LSD taken from R32 GTR.With this setup, he managed to clock mid 14s at Sepang Drag 3 years ago.

CAR: Toyota Corona 1980
Engine: Toyota 1JZ-GTE Single Turbo
Brakes: Front 4 pot Nissan Skyline
Rear 2 pot Nissan Skyline
Gearbox: Toyota Mark 11 5 Speed Manual
LSD from Nissan Skyline
Dashboard: Toyota TT132,TRD meter 320km/h max
Power: 280hp(He is aiming 400hp first for stock internal)

He really want to explore his engine's real power,that is why he has upgraded to Garrett single turbo with HKS wastegate.He admitted that there is an increase in power output but for having boost 0.8,he is thinking that the real hp of this engine not even half of its potential.Remember that the stock power is 280hp@0.7bar .He wanted to increase its boost to 1.2 but scared of lean condition which may cause of blown engine.He then source for bigger injector and found 2JZ-GTE injectors from Toyota Supra.New injector is rated 550cc/pc compare to 430cc for the stock 1jz-gte. We might think that he will solve the problem and the car is ready for at least 1.2 bar of boost. As soon as he received the new 550cc injector,he quickly installed it and crank the engine,it sound normal on idling but when he reved for rides,he felt that the car is 'LAZY'.It means a lot of fuel going in into the combustion chamber and fuel consumption also rised.WOW! this is not GOOD. I then suggested a PS Fuel enhancer II to fine tune of his new setup.

Suggested 1JZ-GTE UPGRADE POWER for 400hp++

1.PS digital Turbo booster (to raise your boost,more boost means more power)

2.PS Boost Cut Eliminator.(To avoid boost cut and fault code to appear when over boosting)

3.Need 6pcs 550cc injectors or larger.(to supply more fuel for higher boost)

4.PS Fuel enhancer II(A device that tune your ECU to go along with the new injectors)

For Ah Boy set up as you can see below,on top is Greddy Turbo Timer,in middle is PS Fuel Enhancer II and bottom is HKS Electronic boost Controller.He also using PS boost eliminator due to his stock ECU only allow maximum 1.0bar boost.

The PS Fuel Enhancer II has 5 analog knob for the user to tune your engine as smooth as the original factory setting for your car even though you have change to a higher capacity injector,low/high impedence,bigger MAF or even greater boost. With less knob to play around, we managed to tune up the engine in less than 10 minutes.Amazing! We a good tuner!!!!

Next is to raise the boost to 1st 1.0bar,2nd 1.2 bar and so on until he satisfied.At the moment we have found a crack on his exhaust flange and to be repaired before doing boost up.

After 2 weeks

Ah boy is ready with his repaired and welded manifold.We have tested his car to race with another Corona TT141 stock 1JZGTE,and we are not suprised that he easily beaten the TT141 with only boosted at 1.2bar. Another good test will be at Melaka Drag on 28th April,2006.

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