Thursday, May 03, 2007


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It's been a long time I didn't write here on my own blog, everyday is my busy day, working, family, hobby and a lot more things to do. One thing came across into my mind is the cost of petrol my car consume everyday. It is really bad for my pocket especially for a low income ppl like me, because all my old cars has minimum 2.0l engine. I have tested 3 months each and it was tested a normal town driving or just like an old man driving behaviour.

1. My Lancersr20 is consuming 10 liters(RM20) of petrol for a 50-60km rides. Is it because of 3" exh piping?!!!
2. My Toyota Celica 2.0 Carb will drink about the same, 10 liters(RM20) of petrol for a 50-60km.
3. I think my Crown 1Jzgte is more to fuel saver but seldom driving it due to a bad rusted body condition.
4. My Isuzu Rodeo(now own my bro ) is the big winner here coz Diesel is cheaper and it just like Kancil fuel consumption.
5. SR70(mix blood of KE70 and S14 SR20DE) work is still in the last stage and unable to give comment about fuel consumption.

But on Lancersr20, I found something good!! Firstly I have got a device that really make your petrol flowing very slow, a big round and strong Magnet. It's taken from Japanese front cut but when I installed into my main fuel hose, I felt like every time I am speeding over 120km/h, it will act like a fuel cut! That is a fuel saver but everytime you want to go higher speed, you will need to open your bonnet to remove it. Quite difficult! and not practical, so this device not that convinient for me and my car.

Seriously, I didn't realise that the PS Fuel Enhancer II which is installed into my car is a good fuel saver. In my thinking, this gadget is just for racing purpose only, but I was wrong, I played with the second button and it's work!, remember it has only 5 buttons or known as knob. The second knob is a accelarator response, which tunes your accelarator pedal from lazy to fast response. Now, what is lazy response? I am so kind, I will let you know here, don't worry! Yeah it's something that your car lazy to move even if your acc pedal is floored on lower gear, let's say 2nd gear. Why is it lazy....coz it has a lot of petrol into your combustion chamber, means rich of petrol. What you can do about it? Adjust your 2nd knob anti-clockwise until you get faster response. If you turn more, you will find it like not enough petrol, something like fuel you has empty tank! Ppl say LEAN! This is the point that you must note, so that you must turn back the 2nd knob to clockwise about 1 degree.
So now, my result on Lancersr20 is
For 10 liters(rm20) of petrol RON92, I can travel to 90-100km, which is covering my daily travelling to my customer offices. In more details, now only 20 cents per km compare to 30 cents per km at the beginning. Now I can enjoy buying cheaper petrol i.e RM20 per day. I can even do more cheaper by turning the 2nd knob more beyond the limit but I guess I will make the combustion chamber too lean which will lead to detonation and damaging it's piston or spark plug.
So on normal driving feel, and being a richman, just turn back the 2nd knob to it's original position, somewhere in the middle and your car can run 30cents per km. Remember, the Fuel Enhancer II is placed inside your car, somewhere within your reach so that it is easier to do an adjustment. Unlike the digital device, It's pretty easy here coz you just don't need to look at it, just turn the knob! You will be there!!

So, what happen to the rest of the knob?Ok,ok! here is my answer....
1. 1st knob is to tune your idling. You can make your idling to 500,or 800 or maybe 1200, just play with it.
2. 2nd knob, already explained as the above story.
3. 3rd knob is a fine tuning for low rpm. You can set you low rpm range, i.e 2000-3000rpm.
4. 4th knob is a fine tuning for mid rpm. You can set you mid rpm range, let's say 3000-5000rpm.
5. 5th knob is a fine tuning for high rpm, let's say 5000 and above.

3rd,4th and 5th knob is used to tune original mapping curve. Let's say you want make your top end in rich condition,so turn the 5th knob to clockwise, may be 1 degree or 5 deg, depends on your engine load, or if you want to see a flame come out from your exhaust, simply turn the knob on high rev and let other people come to tell you that your car is on FIRE!!

Thanks God. It saves my money a lot.

Note: PS Fuel Enhancer II is not design for carburator vehicle and it may also differ for 4cly and 6cly engine.

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