Saturday, July 01, 2006

1978 Cressida

Hafiz,he is the owner of this fully restored 1978 Toyota Cressida.
Toyota ORIGINAL...Cressida.

He is very proud of it,see the superb condition,which is hardly be seen on the road today.

2.0 18R heart,now hunting for 1JZ-GTE..may be! He told me this engine few months back.

Latest news.......
ooops....can you believe this,from Toyota to Nissan...oh no!Hafiz,where is the original brand which already become people choice around the world?We have plenty of toyota's RWD such as 1GGTE,1JZGTE,3SGE(from Altezza) and for those more extreme can go for 2JGTE(3.0),1UZFE(4.0 V8) or 3UZFE(4.3 V8).

I think, he is attracted at the SS wastepipe that comes with the front cut from Japan,or is it the Nissan the 4 pot brakes?

The transplant job is in early stage.

How long it will take huh?
It is ok,Hafiz,I hope you will not regret with your choice,I also using Nissan engine in one of my car project but till now, I keep on receiving comment from around the world "why you opted for different motor,while you wanna restore an antique car?"