Monday, October 19, 2009

Tuning a HKS 4AG Webber

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Tuning a HKS 4AG Webber
Owned by: Amat Pt Raja
Chasis: Toyota KE70
Model: Corolla GL
Year manufactured: 1982
Engine Modification: 4A-G Webber
Engine Upgrade: HKS 264/272 cam with 8.3mm lift, Oversize piston, E3 Alloy Radiator
Gearbox: K50 with 3A bellhousing
Rim: Works mesh 15"
Suspension: Cusco Hi-Lo adjustable (installed today 19th Oct)
Axle: Toyota Crown MS120
Diffrential: 4.6 full locked
Braking: 4 disc brake with drum e-brake
Bodywork: Ajib Wshop, Batu Pahat(012-7521237)
Painting: Ajib Wshop, Batu Pahat(012-7521237)

My Tuning history:
1. Fixed HKS 264/272 cam, can't get idle.
2. Fixed adjustable cam pulley, dialed intake and exhaust cam, good idling.
3. Low rpm very bad, I advanced ignition timing, so far so good..
4. High rpm need more fuel, meaning need Webber to do re-jetting.
5. Power? Fun but not as good as my PS SR20DE Tomei/HKS...he.he. but nice to hear it's Webber sound
6. Comparison:
On Webber engine, tuning your fueling is a bit dificult coz it will need a series of jetting kit to suit your engine needs but cost is cheaper compare to EFi tuning. The only hassle is to test a jetting one by
On my PS SR20DE, I've a PS Fuel Enhancer II to do my fuel tuning just from my finger tip located on my dashboard and a good point is I can tune while driving, meaning that actual load is applied. A PS Air Fuel Analyzer is helping me to show for an optimum A/F ratio, while you probably need a wideband O2 gadget for Webber engine.