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Drift Car Is born(SR70)

Warning: Turbo charging or any other vehicle modifications can result in personal injury, severe engine damage, or vehicle damage if not done properly. Please use this web page as a guide only. I do not and will not assume any responsibility for damage that may occur to you, your car, or anything else.

Cranked my SR20 VTC on KE70(become SR70) yesterday and it won't start!!!!

So what do you do when you're about finishing your engine transplant then it failed to start?

1.Check your spark plug, pull it and place the electrode side near to ground or engine body,remove your fuel pump fuse and crank your engine. You need to see a strong or bright spark or else change to a new spark plug.

2. If method no.1 does not spark at all, check your

a. Coil.It should be located inside your distributor or outside. For some engine like SR20DET, it will consist of igniter(size of 2inches X 2inches) black box and igniter pack on top of your rocker cover. How to check? Damn good question if you have this in your mind!! Ans. is use Multi meter, if you still not sure, please learn from Electrical or Electronic School.

b. 12v power supply and relay related to your ignition wiring.

3.Fuel pressure? You must get about 2.5 up to 3 bars in order to get the engine started. Lower than this could be fuel pump faulty or your fuel regulator give way. Change the necessary parts if you have tested it faulty.

Iridium plugs claimed to last about 100k km drive.

Shining Intake plenum after cleaning with some Brasso.

Back to my SR70, I've done the troubleshooting and it was the fuel pump that gave way. Replaced it with used Bosch and my SR70 can be started perfectly. Next is to fix a clutch, brakes front seat before going for body repair.
I won't write how I did the engine transplant as I assume most of us know or our mechanic knows how to install a better engine into your engine bay. Wiring work is relatively difficult than the engine work and please consult your certified technician if you are not sure. For those who knows the basic of automotive wiring, make sure you are feeding your Ignition coil, ECU, VTC, MAFS,throttle sensor, O2 sensor, injector and fuel pump with battery power. Use designated or appropriate fuse on each line of supply.

1st of July 2007

Blue top........I wanted like Tomei blue but this is the result, hmmm....I don't mind coz it's still a blue concept like my SR20DET on mylancer.

Polished intake and bluish SR20

I've just finished a wiring work for headlamp, turn,tail,reverse and column lights today. It was not an easy task coz suprisingly all the wiring not working at all even after plugging it's original socket and plug. My job here delayed at least 3 days. For those who are looking for 74's TE/KE diagram, just click below but it is not really an exact diagram for KE70, but may be can be used as a reference.

courtesy from


MY SR70 is a projected to be a learning drift car. You know that, not to be a good looking car but just enough if it can be driven sideways.......
Body Toyota KE70 1982
Engine Nissan S14 SR20DE
Gearbox Nissan S14 SR20DE Manual
ECU Stock S14
Dashboard KE70 or maybe later use my Carina dash which is more expensive and attractive.
Front Disc Brakes are from Toyota GX60 and now with RA60 brakes

Lower Arm: An extended length of TT141 arms
Stabilizer Bar: Toyota TT141
Rear Disk Brakes are from Toyota Hilux

Rear Axle are from Toyota Hilux Full Lock with ratio 4.88 (8X39)
Fuel Pump Bosch External
Spark Plug: NGK Iridium BKR6EIX
Exhaust Extractor: FGK Japan Stainless Steel (sold n now stock)
OEM Honda Vtec EK9
Wheels: Taken from Toyota RA60 now with 5 lugs wheels from Crown 112R
Clutch: Stock, next will be an Exedy Hyper Single 6 Puck-Disc
Suspension: Front-KYB New SR Catridge with RX7 FC Tanabe sport spring,
Rear-Shocks and spring from KYB New SR dedicated for RWD Toyota cars.

Newly added was a oil relocater kit and with this item, I can now read an oil pressure via my oil pres. gauge.

This pic was taken while otw to Fraser Hill with family members during 2008 CNY holiday. Don't be suprise, we have total 4 units of this kind of car at home. Why? say this car can Drift ooh...

View at Fraser Hill

Drifting learner stories STARTED: (updated 17 Feb 2008)
1st day- I took a 5 minutes to make so-call drifting and my car behave like a Bull in Mexico. My friend says that my SR70 can't be drifted due to not enuff -ve camber and +ve caster. Well I went back and managed to fix it from camber -0.5 to -2.0 and caster +1.0 to 2.5
2nd day- One week later, I came back with the rite camber and caster, suprisingly it could go sideway but it's just turn like an helicopter. OMG...drifting is not easy! Futhemore my alternator not doing any charging job, causing a problem to start the engine. The next day I found that I lost a nut screw on the alternator ! Yes...rev..rev..rev...lost screw one by one!
3rd day- I felt very confident coz I was able to do a small circle but not for long, my clutch gave way coz it had burnt smell and I think it was the biggest joke in my drifting story so far, you know why? I have to spend 1 whole day on the next day just to change a clutch. SR70 needs to bring down crosmember, engine and gearbox for this job. Well it's a modded car, Nissan married to Toyota. WTf......
4th day-supposed to be 4th week on the drifting field but my car has no clutch.I've been talking around to my drifter friends and they said the stock clutch cannot cope up with drifting activity since it requires high torque and power all the time and they suggested an Ogura or OS Giken sets to be the best clucth for this sports. The mentioned parts are extremely expensive forcing me look for cheap alternative.I sourced for an Exedy Hyper Single from junkyard shop for rm450.00 but it needs rebuild.
4th day(real)- I came back to the drifting training with stock clutch, while the Exedy sets was sent for rebuild. It was raining and pretty easy to understeer, I just did my donut practise but now in bigger circle. Wow! Right hand side was OK but LHD a bit difficult, I dunno why......OK.. just keep in my mind........PRACTICE MAKE(S) PERFERCT. Next will be drift the no.*8*.....
Updated 24th February 2008
5th day-I forget about no *8* coz when I reached at the drifting field, a orange colour cones was arranged for a more pro drifter,a small zig zag track. Suprisingly I could drift like other drifter but mos of it only half lap, I did one or two laps without overturned for the 1hr practise. I will be back next Saturday night with harder suspension, and let's see what is the difference between super soft and hard suspension. Planning to fix all 4 New SR absorbers with 9kg/mm spring (front) and 7kg/mm at the back.

updated March 09, 2008

5 lugs.....he.he. oem crown rim in front.

6th day-Too many drifter came that night, I had difficulty to do practice coz they are leaving no space for beginer like me.Once I have got my chance, my rear axle gave way. I have no choice other than changing my rear axle to Crown 110 complete axle. It's come with disk brakes full lock welded by the previous owner. Since it has 5 lugs, I took out my rims from my store for the rear and the front also replaced by 180sx brakes and tien coilover. So I have 5 lugs all round.

7th day- Nothing much for today but gain something abt stability coz all suspension are stiffer now. Tried to drift using 2nd gear but always turning like clock!

updated April 05, 2008
8th day- So long never came to the drifting scene, now only I know actually to initiate simple drift while I am on 2 gear where to turn a steering a little sudden pull then when car have initiated it's slide turn back the steering all the way until it's maximum angle. I had a very good practice to keep my car slide on C shape.

D1 drifter, Kawabata on his 180sx had a nice final battle with Kuroi on his S13. I took this pic when watching Asian /Asia Pcfk Toyo Drift Competition held in Subang, Malaysia on the 6th of April 2008. I'm speechless with thier skill and how fast they drifting, and our local drifter, Along also did very good on his quarter final round which held Kuroi for 5 times run( 4 times sudden death) but lost in very small point diffrence.

This is Along on his RB26 powered machine.

updated April 12, 2008
9th day- Improved drifting on bigger C shape and then at the end I've got a very narrow u-turn, followed by S shape then continue on C shape again. So I think that I'm able to drift my car just after my lesson 9 with the help from a few friends that initiated my hobby as a drifter. Wow! I am so happy now to become a beginner drifter..n from now on, I will not update my drift story here but perhaps in another advance topic.
Thank you for reading.

Other Similar project

My bro's KE70 with s13 SR20DE in Batu Pahat, Johor. He owns a workshop in Pt Raja.

This one is more similar to my project, a S14 SR20DE on KE70 also a shop owner in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. He's said to be a top drifter in his district.