Monday, June 22, 2009

Toyota 3SGE RWD for RA60

My RA60, a 3rd generation of Toyota Celica.

Donor car, Toyota Celica generation 6, ST202 .

Made for FWD Celica, a 3rd gen 3SGE is a 2000cc Toyota twin cam engine with 16 valves producing about 177hp on engine flywheel. Equiped with TVIS that optimizing efficient accelaration that produce almost similar result to VTC concept. A good advantage with it's shim located under a bucket gives no chance of " flying shim" which could lead to a broken rocker arm.

High compression piston with 10.0:1 ratio.Piston size is 86mm while stroke also 86mm gives square and said to be ideal size in engine technology until today.

Passengger's side engine mounting.

Driver's side engine mounting.

3SGE sitting on a Toyota AA63 crossmember

RWD intake manifold on 3SGE

A real 3S RWD almost there..
I've just bought a W58 gearbox

Oil spilled everywhere.
After cleaning job done
Mated with 2C belhousing
Top mount turbo manifold...