Monday, January 15, 2007


Warning: Turbo charging or any other vehicle modifications can result in personal injury, severe engine damage, or vehicle damage if not done properly. Please use this web page as a guide only. I do not and will not assume any responsibility for damage that may occur to you, your car, or anything else.

My friend ,Botak has found that his 4age engine in his car is too weak and can't deliver good horsepower for any drift or track application. He don't want to wait too long,as he grabbed a Toda 264/272 from Andysiam( for almost RM2k. The Toda combo has adjustable pulley, makes tuning job easier. For this upgrade you will see a significant increase of horsepower that need for fuel delivery upgrade too. He opted for larger injector taken from Toyota Levin AE101SC, which has 365cc/min. To tune the new added things in that system, we install a PS Fuel Enhancer for fuel map correction. It has 5 knob that makes the job easier.
This car is a Daihatsu Charmant and it has some identical chasis with Toyota Levin AE86 and older car like Corolla KE70. This will allow you to use many parts from AE86 as direct replacement.

Now he is enjoying 30% increase of horsepower which estimated 15% gain from the Toda cam and 15% from the PS Fuel Enhancer. He also really excited for the powerband generated on 3rd gear onwards with easy tuning on the PS Fuel Enhancer.

Botak's Charmant Spec

Engine: Redtop 4age from Levin AE92 ,engine is reworked to match for RWD configuration since it is built for FWD car.
Intake: Stock AE86 intake manifold with TVIS
Exhaust: Stock extractor and 2 inches piping
Cam: Toda 264/272 cam with 7.9mm lift

Cam Pulley: Custom made adjustable
ECU : Stock ECU with map sensor
Injector upgrade: Supercharger AE101 top feed 365cc/min, low impedence
Injector controller: PS Fuel Enhancer II from PS Powersports
Gearbox: T50 from AE86
Rear axle: Lancer A174 LSD
Brake: 4 disc brake
AE86 Crossmember
AE86 engine and gearbox mounting
AE86 Suspension
Mitsubishi Evo 3 Recaro seat.
Paint job: Ferrari red by Sara Autoworks, Jln Subang 5,USJ Subang
Bodykit: Custom made by Sara Autoworks,Jln Subang 5, USJ Subang
M3 Rear spoiler by Theva/Rajoo Fibre USJ19, Subang
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