Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Selling my Satria

Taking out 4G93 and fixing back an original engine 4G92 so that easy to sell and also can support 'mylancer project'.

Lucky the 4g93 and the satria were sold separately...very cheap but still okay,now can look for SR20DET....he..he..he

Monday, December 01, 2003

Assignment started

I begin my work by collecting data on 'How To Do' the conversion.Without Mr. Jai(Klang) , Mr. Ajib(Batu Pahat) ,Ah Boy,Billy,Rosli and Syd(Subang Jaya) this conversion never been acomplished.Internet search also a very good source especially information for the new motor,SR20.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Something like this?

1.8 Turbo, G62 is still one of the best choice coz it cheaper and easier to install but it's getting old liao

courtesy from Mr. Saravanan

It should be done something like this!Why? Because it can be taken to DRIFT! or Drag??
Also can be used for daily driven car.

Below is a pure Mitsu but it has been upgraded to a newer motor like 4G63.

SOHC Turbo

DOHC Turbo

Nicely done DOHC Turbo

Thursday, October 02, 2003

My dream

This is my dream,i.e. to fix SR20 engine from nissan inside my old Lancer.


1. To have better and more poweful engine, at least no problem driving about 200km/h.

2. To have better suspension and braking system which adapted from the Nissan s13 body.

3. To have a power steering and steering rack system from s13 which is newer system compare to the Mitsu Lancer.

4. To fix bigger rims and tyre for better look,some people fixed 18 inches rim into a Lancer!

5. To make this old car alive!!

6. To create confusion, why old car perform better then the new ones!!!

7.And it must be a DIY project.(Do It Yourself)

Monday, September 01, 2003

Old Lancer has come

This is a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6(M),year 1980.I bought it at RM3500 and it has minimum body rust I ever seen for 23 years old car. Although it was look ugly but interior has complete brown colour door trim and it also has same colour on the dashboard, showing that this model is an imported model direct from Japan.It also has a rear diskbrake but not a LSD ones.
The 1st day I tested drive, it was going very well but after reaching about 110km/h,rear side begin to shake due to faulty rear axle bushing. Long shaft bearing and axle drive shaft bearing also very noisy. To buy all the worn out parts are not cheap,about rm300.00.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Bought a 1st car on 1998

Proton Satria 1.6(M).This is my first car,it's a locally made by Proton and Mitsubishi.It is very impressive coz easy to drive and park especially for a new driver like me.I hit 190km/h on the speedo on the 1st week I bought it at PLUS higway in Melaka,Malaysia.Lucky no police speed trap around.

I have been using it for daily driving and work purpose until 5 years of age,the original Proton 1.6 SOHC has to be replaced.Here it is,the new heart 4G93 DOHC rated 130hp.For the increase of 35 more horsepower giving me real feel on the accelerator pedal.Now to reach 180km/h is not a problem,very fast indeed.The engine conversion was done with help of my friend in his workshop.We did it in 3 days only coz it was a direct conversion.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

New motor for 'mylancer'

An old carburatted engine,G32B has to go due to it's lack of performance and no room for cheap performance.

A Nissan Silvia halfcut bought from Tilija, Bukit Kemuning.It was quite cheap, you can ask from Mr. Sudirman,Mr. Andy and not forgetting to Mr. Ah On. http://www.tilija.com/
With this SR20 engine, a lot of performance parts available all over the world especially from Japan and USA.